Soil Testing and Soil ConditioningAna-Lync

If you want a truly “independent” evaluation of your soil and water, Ana-Lync is the perfect choice.  The computerized Ana-Lync system interprets soil and water test data from samples that are processed by AgSource Laboratories – Harris, the most experienced independent soil-testing laboratory in the world, serving all 50 states and 38 countries globally since 1958.


Soil Test

Ana-Lync’s advanced soil test interpretation method, which has been calibrated and perfected by the processing of more than 40,000 turfgrass samples, includes:

  • Reserve and available nutrients using both chemical and saturated paste extract methods.  This is like having both an X-ray and a MRI of your soil and reliably predicts soil nutrient shortcomings.
  • Irrigation water influence as reported by bicarbonate, chloride, electrical conductivity, sodium, and soluble salts.
  • Projected release of available Nitrogen and Phosphorus soil reserves, a valuable tool for determining the amount and timing of soil applied fertilizers.
  • Physical soil properties, as reported by the Saturation Index, CEC and organic matter content.
  •  Chemical soil properties, as reported by soil pH, calcium-magnesium ratio, and the values for ammonium nitrogen, boron, calcium, chloride, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, and zinc.


Water Testing

Water Test

Ana-Lync’s water test report simplifies the interpretation of water test data and includes:

  • Values reported as either no influence, beneficial or problematic.
  • Water characteristics, such as hardness, pH, bicarbonate, and electrical conductivity.
  • Nutrient values for ammonium, boron, calcium, chloride, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, nitrate, phosphate, potassium, sodium, sulfate, and zinc.


International Sports Turf Research Center (I.S.T.R.C.)

The I.S.T.R.C. concept of developing a better understanding of the physical properties of sand-based greens, native soil greens, and athletic fields started in the spring of 1991. Working with hundreds of golf courses throughout the U.S., including many of the top 100 courses, I.S.T.R.C. has built an extensive database of information and knowledge about physical soil properties.  I.S.T.R.C.’s patented testing methods provide golf course superintendents and turf managers with a quantitative measurement of the physical properties of their soils. Further, I.S.T.R.C. works with turf managers to help them develop proactive cultural practices programs that enhance the performance of their turf and playing surfaces.

Turf Diagnostics


Turf Diagnostics, Inc.

When it comes to turf diseases, don’t succumb to the pressure of chemical sales presentations based on exaggeration and fear.  Let us help you take the guesswork out of disease diagnosis.  We offer quick, accurate and independent microscopic identification of turf fungal diseases through Turf Diagnostics, Inc.  Samples are sent via overnight delivery to provide 24-hour reporting of lab results.