National Liquid Fertilizer

National Liquid Fertilizer manufactures Envy Brand™ water soluble fertilizers for use by  golf courses, athletic fields, landscapers, commercial farmers and specialty growers. These products are dry, but very soluble in water. When mixed with water and applied as a spray, they have the same advantages as liquid fertilizers without the extra cost of transporting water.


National Liquid Fertilizer custom blends the following products for Great Lakes Turf, LLC:

  • Envy 26-6-26 is a convenient blend of urea, monopotassium phosphate, potassium nitrate and trace micronutrients.
  • Envy 35-10-0 specifically formulated to be used in combination with other high potassium water soluble or liquid products, such as potassium nitrate or potassium phosphite.  This product, which is blended from urea and monoammonium phosphate, also contains 1% magnesium sulfate, making it a perfect complement to liquid iron and micronutrient products.


Plant Marvel Laboratories

Since 1922, Plant Marvel Laboratories products have been used by professionals all over the world and on every major crop.  Plant Marvel Laboratories, Inc. is the exclusive maker of Nutriculture Spoon-Feeding® fertilizers for turf.  These soluble fertilizers dissolve completely in water without any residue and are designed to be used in the finest spray equipment.


Great Lakes Turf, LLC stocks these popular Nutriculture water soluble turf products:

  • Bent Special28-8-18 PLUS  is intended for use on Golf Courses, Athletic fields, and other highly maintained turf areas.  The nutrient balance of this product is specifically formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of all cool season turf grasses.  Bent Special 28-8-18 provides immediate but gentle nourishment in an application form that provides the user with controlled nutrient availability while bypassing nutrient uptake complications due to soil problems.
  • P-K Plus 0-50-30 provides readily available phosphate for plant health and root encouragement, potassium for cell strength and rigidity, plus trace elements.  P-K Plus 0-50-30 enhances protein and carbohydrate synthesis and aids in the turf’s tolerance to heat, cold and drought. Use to balance out high nitrogen applications, enhance plant nutrition and health, and improve the turf’s resistance to disease.


Washington Elevator

Great Lakes Turf enjoys a cooperative sales arrangement with Washington Elevator, a custom blender of turf fertilizers, and a distributor of turf and aquatic chemicals, and snow and ice melting products.  The company has been in the same location since the early 1950s and has been family owned since the early 1970s.  This arrangement enables customers to receive one-on-one service and field support from Great Lakes Turf and unbeatable pricing from Washington Elevator.

Let us create a custom fertilizer for your turf based on your soil tests.